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Homeschool F.A.Q.

  1. Does the full tuition need to be paid up front? No - we will set up as many as 8 payments for you if needed. If you use an alternative program for funding, check with them to see if we are an approved third-party provider. In previous school years, we were approved for Leadership Academy Utah (LAU), MyTechHigh, Harmony, Athenian and DaVinci Academy. If you use an alternative program for funding, you are required to turn over any amounts you receive for our program within 7 days of receipt. MyTechHigh requires that you pay in full prior to receiving their reimbursement.

  2. Why did you go back to the longer day?  We are excited to have more time for your students to make friends and spend time with new people. The longer day provides them 2 periods to socialize as a group - the beginning period (during drop off) and the lunch period. In addition, this year we are able to return to our previous class sizes that we had prior to the pandemic which provides additional socialization for your child(ren).

  3. Are the classes taught by other moms or by someone with a degree in the class subject?  All of our teachers are professionals in their fields. What they are teaching is what they are passionate about and what they do professionally. For example, Cindy is a phenomenal artist who has been commissioned by cities and individuals to do portraits that would blow you away! She has taught kids in her home, had them enter and win ribbons at the fair. And our Storytelling teacher - she's taught classes for private schools, is part of the Storytelling Guild, runs a Ghost Story Tours business, has been a judge at the Weber State Storytelling Festival, teaches at public schools, etc. Those are just two examples, but we could say the same for all of our teachers. While most of our teachers have children, many run full-time businesses in the same area they are teaching for the Academy and take time out to serve these students simply because they love working with our kids. We are SO blessed to have them and this unique program!

  4. Are there any other hidden costs or supplies that will be required during the year that are not part of the stated tuition, especially because it is more than last year's tuition?  Last year, due to the CoVid pandemic, we reduced the tuition as a courtesy to our families. We are back to our normal schedule and our normal tuition for this school year. There could be some personal items to purchase for Seussical Jr. during the second semester. This could includes dance shoes, stage makeup and opaque tights for example.

  5. When do you plan to start in the Fall and when will it end in the Spring? Classes go from September to the end of April.  Elf Jr. rehearsals continue for the production in May. Please see our Calendar. The first semester will include 13 weeks of classes, a Storytelling Festival, a Recital and a Costume Parade. The second semester will include 13 weeks of classes, a Valentine's party, and a Recital followed by 7 weeks of rehearsal for Elf  Jr. with performances in late May. We also plan to host several fun community events that will be open to everyone including a New Year's Eve party, a Trunk or Treat, a social dance or two and 2 Scholastic Book Fairs. 

  6. What are the required performance dates?  TBD

  7. My child really wants to participate in this program. My only reservation is protecting my child from CoVid. How are you handling this situation? We are very aware of the dangers of CoVid. Many of us have high-risk family members and/or personally know people who have been affected by CoVid or have had CoVid ourselves. Many of our teacher have already been vaccinated and the bulk of the state should receive their vaccinations before the school year starts. We will continue to abide by the requirements of the State of Utah as we have since the pandemic began. We believe that this will no longer be an issue affecting the ability to have in-person classes safely.

  8. I still have questions. Who do I call? You can reach out to us at 855-944-2787, option 2.

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