Our Mission

Professional Standard,

Community Spirit

The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is about art, collaboration, and acceptance. Our driving motto is "Professional standard, community spirit," and it drives every aspect of our work. We work to enlist A-list local teachers and produce a professional quality classroom environment, always keeping in mind that positivity is essential. Joining these ideals is a guiding principle of improvisation: "Yes...And!"  The "Yes" means that we accept theatrical, musical, and visual arts that are furthering the community's knowledge and cultural experience. The “And” describes our dedication to enhancing the idea and furthering its impact. 

Who are we? 

Caleb Parry

Caleb has been a local performer in Ogden for over 20 years and a local business owner for over 15. He and Morgan are the founders of The Ziegfeld Theater, northern Utah's premier, professional theater.  Caleb has his bachelors degree in Musical Theater from Weber State. 

Morgan Parry

Morgan has been a performer for over 15 years and is skilled in dance, acting and music. Morgan and Caleb are the founders of The Ziegfeld Theater. Morgan has her Bacholers Degree in Musical Theater from Weber State. She has directed many musicals including "West Side Story," "The Light in The PIazza" and "The LIttle Mermaid" to critical acclaim.  

Kristin Parry
Academy Director

Kristin Parry has acted and directed both youth and adult productions in Ogden and Davis Counties for the past 10 years. Before that she has also been privileged to experience the arts, both acting and directing in many different countries including Brazil, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom. She has been the Youth Theater Director for the Ziegfeld Theater for the past 3 years and is passionate as she works with youth, improving their skills on and off the stage!

The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is following the guidelines issued by the State of Utah for re-opening for business during the summer and fall of 2020.

To read the Official Statement by The Ziegfeld Theater from March 2020, click here.

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