Intensives Include:

Audition Secrets - "The Craft"

Beyond Audition 101 - a graduate course in auditioning packed into one night. Learn the secrets that many experienced actors don't even know.

Audition Artistry - "The Art"

Whether you're a seasoned professional or novice beginner, learn the shortcuts to more powerful performances - and not only in auditions.

Audition Therapy - "The Soul"

Master the audition mindset and beat audition-phobia for good! Easily the most important intensive of the bootcamp, if not your career.

Audition Mastery - "The Performance"

You've learned the secrets, mastered the mindset and advanced your artistry. Perform a "mock audition" and receive invaluable feedback to propel your career.

Musical Theater AUDITION BOOTCAMP 2017
$149 Audition Bootcamp Only
$179 Audition Bootcamp + Dance Workshop
Ages 14+ (under 14 w/instructor approval only)
July 11, 18, 25 Aug 8
T  7:00pm - 9:00pm


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