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Come learn about Business from the Ziegfeld Theater’s Operations Manager. Jennifer Hall, better known by Jenn, has been working full-time for 35 years and running her own businesses for 30 of those years (often in addition to working for others). She has found her happy place at the Zig and loves both the theater and the academy. With a background in real estate accounting and varied educational experiences, she is a good fit to instruct your children on running a small business. 

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First Semester

  • each student will operate a virtual business from start up to end of year tax preparation 

  • lessons will be tailored to the 3 age groups with more work required of the older children than the younger ones

  • each week will cover a different aspect of owning and operating a business. 


Online Q&A

  • the last Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am

  • students will ask questions and get help from both Jenn and their fellow students

  • Jenn is always available by email and text and through the group chat in the Google Classroom

  • Additionally, many of our instructors run their own businesses and will be available for mentoring as well


Second Semester

  • each student will be given the opportunity to open up their own business and Jenn will help walk them through the process 

  • all students will complete the same basic steps even if they choose not to open an actual business 

  • an opportunity to sell products and services will be provided during the Spring Home School recital and at the youth theater performances at The Ziegfeld Theater during the summer and fall of 2021.  

Interesting Side Notes

  • this is a stand-alone course so you do not have to be enrolled in the home school program to participate

  • an evening or late afternoon Q&A will be provided if needed

  • the cost of the class is $320 

  • to enroll, click here and search for the class labeled "20/21 Entrepreneurship" for your age range

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Jenn has never worked at a large company (except for two weeks as a temp for the San Diego Chargers) and loves the closeness of small business friendships and relationships. She has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Business also with a minor in Accounting. Jenn became a Certified Management Accountant in 2006. She won an American Jurisprudence Award for getting a perfect score in one of her law school classes in 1997 and was on the National Dean's List for 4 years in college. Most importantly for this program, Jenn was homeschooled from 6th grade through high school graduation and understands the program from the student's perspective.

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