Fall semester runs September 5, 2019 - January 9, 2020, Thursdays all day. We follow a combination of Davis County School calendars and Ogden School calendars. Our 2019/20 school calendar can be found here

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Class Pricing for the 2020/2021 year will be posted soon.

$25 Yearly registration fee per student applies. Students who drop classes after October 1 will be responsible for full commitment cost of classes dropped.

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2020/2021 Classes

Classes* Offered for the 2020/21 School Year

*Classes have enrollment minimum of 7 students.

Theater - Disney's Aladdin - 2 age groups

Continuing our tradition of creating a youth program that builds self-esteem and confidence through the performing arts, we are excited to offer a Homeschool Youth Theater production opportunity through the music and flare of Aladdin! Our youth shows are taught by dedicated professionals and treated with the same care and attention as our main stage shows. Not sure performing is your thing? You might be surprised by how much fun you'll have. However, exclusively for our Homeschool Group, we will also incorporate all aspects of Theater Production: Stage, Technology, Sound, Lights, Costumes, Makeup - you will NOT be disappointed and will have an experience you will never forget.

Art Class - 4 age groups

Learn and experiment with various mediums and find out what your art style is.

Business - 4 age groups

This class will teach students about the basics of owning a business including everything from having a plan, license, venue, and ready to sell items. We will focus on Weber County basics but the principles can be applied in any county.  They will have the opportunity to sell their art in the Ziegfeld Theater lobby and at various other places during the school year. 

Clogging - 2 age groups

Come learn clogging from an instructor from the Fab 5 Studio cloggers. Students will learn two dances throughout the school year and perform at two recitals. The Fab Five Studio performed at America's Got Talent and wins state and national awards for clogging.

Math Start - 2 age groups

Math Start curriculum for our 2 youngest age groups.

Schoolhouse Rock Math - 1 age group

Using the Schoolhouse Rock curriculum, students age 9 and up will continue their math education. They will also perform the Math Start play at the end of the semester.

Poetry/Storytelling - 2 age groups

Poetry and storytelling focused on our 2 youngest age groups.

Improv and Storytelling - 1 age group

Come make Literature come alive through our incredible Storytelling class! Students will study poems, fables, short stories, and literature from various genres and time periods. They will choose a favorite book, look at various writings and performances of their favorite stories, compare and contrast literary interpretations and meanings based on the writings, and write and perform their own version/re-telling. They will also learn simple ways to perform for the purposes of persuading, entertaining, and informing audiences through games, vocal strategies, and performance techniques. They will then take their creations and compete to represent the Homeschool Community on STAGE at the Weber State Storytelling Festival in February. They will also get to perform their re-tellings and/or original creations at one or two Recitals. 

Show Choir - 4 age groups

Our choir combines music, dancing, harmony, and rhythm through songs from the world of Musical Theater. Included in our curriculum are songs from hit Broadway and film musicals including Matilda, The Greatest Showman, Seussical, Newsies, and more. Students will perform during one or two recitals and also at the annual fundraising breakfast for Prevent Child Abuse Utah. All 4 age groups will perform some pieces together even though they will learn in groups.

Beginning ASL - 3 age groups

Come learn the basics of ASL and have another way to communicate with the world around you.

American History - 3 age groups

Learn American history through stories, holidays and traditions.

Fables and Characters - 2 age groups

Our youngest 2 groups will learn parts of storytelling through fables and character stories.

Social Dance - 1 age group

Come learn basic social dances (line dances, couple dances and some plain fun ones) so that you are ready for your first (or next) venture into a social situation.

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