Homeschool F.A.Q.


Does the $650 need to be paid up front? No - we will set up as many as 8 payments for you if needed. If you use an alternative program for funding, check with them to see if we are an approved third-party provider. In the 2019/2020 school year, we were approved for Leadership Academy Utah (LAU), MyTechHigh, Harmony, Athenian and DaVinci Academy. If you use an alternative program for funding, you are required to turn over any amounts you receive for our program within 7 days of receipt.


If there is another bad breakout of CoVid in the Fall or Winter, will we be reimbursed if my child can't attend classes? If in-person classes are cancelled due to a pandemic, we will do what we did this spring and go to online and video classes/meetings rather than cancelling so your child can continue to benefit from the mentoring and education we provide. Even if classes are cancelled, many of the costs for the year are spent by us before the first semester begins which is why anyone who drops after October 1 is still responsible for the cost of the full program. Our teachers provided amazing videos last year when we had to transition to online due to CoVid. These videos were available all week so parents had flexibility. We had one Mom email us and say, "You guys are ROCKING this CoVid thing. My 7-year-old looks forward to her classes every single week!" 


What classes were eliminated by shortening the day?  The core classes are still the same. We were going to have Choir, Clogging/ASL, and Art for all of the ages. The shorter schedule combines these options into one class period. We also had separate Show Choir classes, which is now combined for all students who can read independently. Small tweaks made it possible to shorten the schedule and reduce costs without losing any significant educational opportunities for your child.


Are the classes taught by other moms or by someone with a degree in the class subject?  All of our teachers are professionals in their fields. What they are teaching is what they are passionate about and what they do professionally. For example, Cindy is a phenomenal artist who has been commissioned by cities and individuals to do portraits that would blow you away! She has taught kids in her home, had them enter and win ribbons at the fair. And our Storytelling teacher - she's taught classes for private schools, is part of the Storytelling Guild, runs a Ghost Story Tours business, has been a judge at the Weber State Storytelling Festival, teaches at public schools, etc. Those are just two examples, but we could say the same for all of our teachers. While most of our teachers are also moms, many run full-time businesses in the same area they are teaching for the Academy and take time out to serve these students simply because they love working with our kids. We are SO blessed to have them and this unique program!


Are there any other hidden costs or supplies that will be required during the year that are not part of the up-front $650? Definitely clogging shoes and a performance shirt if your child does clogging (see clogging class description). You will be asked to provide a flat pencil bag for art class and maybe up to another $30 in individual supplies. There will be some personal items to purchase for Aladdin during the second semester. This includes dance shoes, makeup and opaque tights which could run you up to $75 total. If you decide to do the Math Hoops program, that is an additional $35 per family (not per child) - we're paying the sponsor fee to get it as reasonable as possible for families. There will be an optional textbook purchase for the ASL class that will run $20-$40 depending on new or used. 


When do you plan to start in the Fall and when will it end in the Spring? Right now, our plan is to have classes go from September 2nd to the end of March and then just do Aladdin Jr. for April and May. So 24 weeks of classes - two recitals, several dances, sales opportunities for our Entrepreneurship class, then the play for six more weeks at the end. If the State of Utah changes back to a red or orange status for CoVid, these timelines will change. If you have a high risk student or family member, please be sure to let us know so we can work with you to protect your family but still allow you the education choices you deserve.


What are the required performance dates?  Right now, they are December 9 and March 25 with TBD performances for Aladdin, Jr. in May. This is subject to change depending on the availability of the Ziegfeld Theater and the status of the pandemic.


My child really wants to participate in this program. My only reservation is protecting my child from CoVid. How are you handling this situation? We are very aware of the dangers of CoVid. Many of us have high-risk family members and/or personally know people who have been affected by CoVid. The video below shows some of the measures we are taking to protect the staff and our students. We will continue to abide by the recommendations of the State of Utah as we have since the pandemic began in March. We have the space mapped out so that the kids will have LOTS of room and still be able to move and participate. We also have phenomenal teachers who are prepared to do videos and Zoom meetings if necessary. 


I still have questions. Who do I call? You can reach out to us at 855-944-2787, option 2.

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