$150* **
*billed monthly, plus tax
**plus ONE TIME $25 fee for new students; returning students pay no fee.
June 12 - Aug 15
T 10:00-11:00 2nd-6th grades
W 10:00-11:00 7th grade and up

Got a story to tell?

What is your favorite story? Have you wanted to learn how to tell a story so well that your audience is captivated, laughing or applauding? This class will teach you how to tell the best story of your life.


Allisha Larsen (certified by all who know her as the funniest woman and best storyteller in the world) will teach students storytelling techniques and help them create stories out of their amazing lives or imaginations. This is where the basics of acting begin and is a must for all aspiring performers.


*Included in the All Access Pass and Class Package Discounts.



Allisha Larsen has been telling stories her whole life. She loves to make people laugh and often retells stories to do just that. Allisha also loves performing on the stage, which is really just another form of storytelling. She has been in several productions at The Ziegfeld Theater. She is a small group teacher at Buffalo Point Elementary and has taught storytelling  for students from 3rd to 6th grade. Several students competed in the district storytelling competition and one talented student took the stage with professional storytellers at the Weber Storytelling Festival.

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