*A $25.00 fee will apply for new Academy students.
Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm
September 4, 2019 to April 29, 2020
Ages 10-17

Learn while playing Dungeons & Dragons! You will improve your overall skills in math, problem solving, improvisation, creative writing and teamwork. The use of a child's imagination is one of the biggest losses in today's electronic world. This class will allow them to use and expand their own imaginations without a scripted environment.


Required materials will include a set of role playing dice.

This class will not be held if fewer than 7 students are enrolled.

Tabletop Role Playing and Improv or Acting 101
Tabletop Role Playing and Improv and Acting 101



Chris Bodily is a proud alumni and former adjunct professor of Southern Utah University. Additionally he has seven years teaching experience at various institutions including Weber State Continuing Ed, Moonridge Academy, and Kolob Canyon RTC.  His thirteen years improv experience includes training from world-class improv masters Charna Halpern, James Grace, and David Razowsky.

Discounts will be reflected in monthly billing, not at time of registration.

Due to the request of the Governor of Utah, the Ziegfeld Arts Academy will be using video tools to rehearse and for all class meetings until further notice. Please email your instructor for more details.

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