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*Classes have enrollment minimum of 7 students.

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ART - Taught by our super talented, professional artists, students will be using art mediums like sketching, watercolor, acrylic and sculpting to focus on Engineering, Architecture and Landscape design. This class will be taught in three age groups. You will need to provide a labeled pencil bag and potentially up to $30 in supplies (list will be provided).

ENGINEERING MAKERSPACEThis class will be a hands on project-based "Makerspace" style class. Throughout the course, students will receive unique, age appropriate missions/challenges and learn key problem solving and engineering strategies to help them accomplish their goal. They will also utilize teamwork and learn different roles that are important in the engineering process to brainstorm, create, troubleshoot and revise their projects. Fun examples of projects will be creating a structure that holds a certain weight, racing an object a certain distance and building the tallest tower using only items provided for the day!

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - see full class description here

I LOVE AMERICAThis history class will introduce young students to the constitution, founding fathers, military, patriotism, and community through stories, songs, and poems from two incredible programs: Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By and Wee Sing America. They will feel a greater love and appreciation for the freedom we enjoy, the foundation of that freedom, our Founding Fathers, the men and women who make it possible still, and each person's role in creating this "land of the free, home of the brave."  

MATH GAMESThe students will experience hands-on practice of math facts and concepts  through interactive math games, songs, and competition.

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MATH HOOPSExclusive to our program  -  The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is sponsoring our own Math Hoops Group!  Incentives and rewards from the Utah Jazz, and Math Hoops competitions and play-offs at the Academy and in Salt Lake. Your family even has the option of buying your own game board for only $35 to hone your skills at home! Learn more about this effective, fun game here. 

STORYTELLING/LIVING SCIENCEThis class combines the amazing art of Storytelling to explore the history and long term impact of key historical figures and their discoveries/inventions that changed the world! Students will also learn through storytelling the autobiographical nature of an individual's story including their character, significant historical events, places, and influences of their time. Students will create a 3 minute story style presentation of an inventor/scientist of their choice. Theater style costuming, scientific focus, and characterization will make this writing project unforgettable!

U.S. GOVERNMENT ROCKSThis class will explore U.S. History during the time of the Constitutional Convention and how the United States Government is run. Students will learn the Preamble to the Constitution, about the three branches of Government, the purpose of a bill, how to write a bill and get it through committee, and much more! They will choose a leader and/or event during the Convention time period and present what they learned to their peers. Then they will participate in a Mock Government where students will form committees, present their bills, vote bills into law, learn basic Parliamentary Procedure for how order is maintained while passing legislation, and do it all with the help of the music from School House Rock and with theater costumes and flair!

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