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Summer Arts Camps In Ogden, Utah

fun, friends and skills building

Camps run Monday-Friday from 10-3, classes grouped by ages 6-8 and 9-12 Cost: $225 per session

Keep summer fun by enrolling your children in our Summer Arts Camp in Ogden, Utah. Coming to our summer arts camp is an excellent way for your children to get a taste of arts school and see if they love the theater as much as we do!

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Summer Camp at Arts School

Summers can get long (and boring) for kids, and the perfect way to keep them busy and enrich their education is by sending them to summer camp. Not all children are well-suited for traditional sports camps or scouting camps. Your boys and girls will be thrilled to learn there are others like them, who love staying indoors, standing in the spotlight, running lines, reading scripts and generally immersing themselves in the thrilling environment of the theater.

What Do You Learn at Summer Arts Camp?

Each of our two-week-long camp sessions includes kids theater classes in acting, dancing, music, visual arts and more. During camp sessions, you child will learn to project their voice, sharpen their dance moves, get into character and transfer the art and designs in their heads to props, sets and costumes.

We welcome theater student OGs as well as newbies who have never set foot on stage. Your children don’t have to know what a jazz square is or which way stage right and stage left are — we will teach them. If your child has experience and is already an advanced theater aficionado, we’ll challenge them by giving them harder roles to whch they must dedicate more time, effort and skills. That’s why our summer arts camp is perfect for both new and experienced artists.

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PERFORMANCES: June 30- July 1

Little Red Robin Hood must deal with the Big Bad Sheriff of the Naughty Hams (the Three Little Pigs, that is!), who do the bidding of Prince John, the vain Emperor who is eager to try on his magic new suit being woven by Cinderella’s deceitful stepsisters.  With Humpty Dumpty, Black Sheep, Rose Red, and Simple Simon acting as her Merry Men, Little Red Robin Hood must save all the village grannies of Sherwood Forest, including her own, an old woman who lives in a shoe, Mother Hubbard, and Mother Goose herself.  Along the way, she also wins the heart of the Pied Piper — aka Marion — who’s a touring celebrity musician with an armload of different Mary’s as groupies.



This energetic musical follows Tom, a young school teacher, who is nervous about his first day of teaching. He tries to relax by watching TV, when various characters representing facets of his personality emerge from the set and show him how to win his students over with imagination and music. Memorable songs as "Just a Bill," "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly" and "Conjunction Junction" bring his lesson plans vividly to life.


PERFORMANCES: August 11-19

Raise Your Voice is a brand-new revue featuring songs from across MTI's Broadway Junior® collection. From Broadway Junior musicals based on classic titles like Guys and Dolls and Oliver! to beloved Disney shows like The Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins, Raise Your Voice offers a fun introduction to musical revues for young performers.

In Raise Your Voice, groups have the opportunity to customize their show through interstitials (i.e. transitions) between numbers. They may use fun facts about the songs provided in the Design section of Director's Guide or fill the transitions with personal notes about their program or anecdotes from students. Make Raise Your Voice your own!

Kids Perform on Stage

Each camp culminates in three performances at The Ziegfeld Theater in Ogden! Imagine your child on stage, dressed as an adorable Oompa Loompa or Winnie-the-Pooh. Our instructors put tons of hours into perfecting these performances, and the parents and grandparents who attend couldn’t be prouder.

Every camp features a new theme, so children can attend our summer arts camp for multiple sessions of learning, playing and making friends without fear of repeating any activities. Some of our students come all summer long. In fact, when parents come to pick up their kids at the end of the day, it’s hard to convince some of them to leave. That’s when you know your child has truly been bitten by the theater bug.

Learn More About Summer Arts Camp

Click the images below to find out more information about each week’s theme and the exciting activities we have planned. Contact our arts school in Ogden, Utah, with any questions you may have about our summer arts camp, home school program or pre-K program.

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