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Youth Theater Classes In Ogden, Utah

The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is proud to have a wonderful, productive, and vibrant youth program. Our young actors are taught by dedicated professionals who focus on building self esteem and confidence through the performing arts. Our youth shows are treated with the same care and attention as our main stage shows, so their hard work and talent is rightly supported. 


Summer Camps


All participants will perform on The Ziegfeld stage!

Welcome to Zig Youth Theater! Here we train up the next generation of performers through a multi-faceted youth program. Skill building includes:

  1. Acting

  2. Singing

  3. Dancing

  4. Auditioning

  5. Rehearsing

  6. Costume design and construction

  7. Makeup design

  8. Set construction

  9. Technical theater

There is a place for every child and every interest!

Prep:                    High School

Youth:                  Ages 13-17

Kids:                     Ages 8-12

Mini's:                  Ages 5-7

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