Private Lessons

The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is proud to have a wonderful group of private instructors who provide lessons at either our facility or theirs. You can find out more about them by reading their bios below and then click on the link to contact them directly.


These are dedicated professionals who have worked with many of the youth in our programs over the years. They will require your child(ren) to work hard and be self disciplined but the rewards will be outstanding and you won't be sorry you provided this gift for them.

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Brittney Wood has been singing and performing since she was five years old. She has studied with many renowned teachers and vocal coaches around the country including Brett Manning. Brittney started coaching in 1999.

Brittney's unique technique gets results fast. She takes what seems difficult, simplifies and demonstrates it tailored for each individual student's learning style. 

Brittney is a graduate of Weber State University and has performed in many events across the nation. She believes she was born to both sing and teach.