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Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime by enrolling them in our performing arts academy in Ogden, Utah. Our teachers have many years of experience in acting, singing, dancing, visual arts and other disciplines, and they want nothing more than to pass their love of theater down to the next generation. For many Ogden, Utah-area students, our arts school feels like home.


Theater Home School Program

Ogden parents who home-school their children will not want to miss the opportunity to send them to our prestigious school of performing arts. Every Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., your children will be steeped in the joys of theater, taking kids theater classes in art and storytelling and learning acting, dancing and singing skills.

Additionally, our arts school includes core classes such as math, science and engineering. At our school of performing arts in Ogden, we teach a broad spectrum of concepts as part of a well-rounded curriculum that fulfills educational requirements.

Pre-K Arts Academy Program

Our pre-K arts academy program is open to the younger siblings of our arts school students. Our pre-K teachers focus on a number of concepts important to socializing little ones, including following directions, being accepting and considerate of others, and learning how to be a kind and thoughtful friend.

The curriculum at our pre-K home school program includes an exciting introduction to the arts, where students get to participate in storytelling, dress up in costumes, and create art through painting and other media. They also learn core subjects such as math, reading and writing.

Participate in Live Performances

Every student in our home school program appears on our stage as part of our performance that students work on all semester long with our talented teachers. You’ll thrill to see your children on stage in beautifully made costumes and professionally applied stage makeup, dancing, singing and acting their hearts out.

Providing this foundation in arts school so often motivates our students to continue in the theater through high school, college and beyond. It’s such a rewarding experience to audition for a role, land it and perform under the bright lights.

Summer Arts Camp

Give your child a taste of what performing in musical theater is like by enrolling them in one of our two-week summer arts camp programs. Their days will be filled with acting, singing, dancing, costumes, makeup and more. Each session is a different theme, so they can come all summer and never get bored!


Contact our school of performing arts in Ogden today to find out more about enrolling your children in our performing arts academy for the upcoming semester.

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March 25 to April 2 

2022 Season

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April 15 to 23

May 10 to 12

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May 26 to 28

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July 1 and 2

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July 8 to 16

Rudolph Jr Logo.jpg

July 22 and 23

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August 5 and 6

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September 10 to 25

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November 4 to 12

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November 18 to 26

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Based on the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail but cleaned up for younger audiences, this will get the whole family laughing and laughing some more.

For ages 13 to 18

Audition Week- January 18, 20, 22
Show Dates- March 25- April  2

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This high-flying classic features all your favorite characters and a sprinkle of pixie dust!

For ages 5 to 12

Parent Meeting- January 19
Audition Week- January 22, 24, 26

Show Dates- April 15-23

Aladdin Theater Show
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The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is about art, collaboration, and acceptance. Our driving motto is "Professional standard, community spirit," and it drives every aspect of our work. We work to enlist A-list local teachers and produce a professional quality classroom environment, always keeping in mind that positivity is essential. Joining these ideals is a guiding principle of improvisation: "Yes...And!"  The "Yes" means that we accept theatrical, musical, and visual arts that are furthering the community's knowledge and cultural experience. The “And” describes our dedication to enhancing the idea and furthering its impact. 

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