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Our Homeschool Vision


“The future is yet an untrodden path full of wonderful possibilities”

L.M. Montgomery

The Ziegfeld Homeschool program is full of arts based classes intended to augment your at-home learning. All of our classes are taught by professionals in their field.

Courses are crafted annually around a new theme, this year being "Possibilities."

Our homeschool theater students have the opportunity to perform on the Ziegfeld Theater stage in one of the most successful academy programs in the area.

Our theme of POSSIBILITIES! will permeate all courses and guide our instruction from Theater to Engineering and Coding. New courses are being offered and continue to be divided into ages appropriate for peer learning. As always, our courses will be taught by passionate professionals in their field. We have expanded our teacher pool and are excited about the new teachers this year–watch for their profiles that will be posted.






The Ziegfeld Arts Academy is growing! We are now offering TWO days of enriching instructions. Come for one or both days, and know that your children are safe and engaged in high quality learning opportunities. We have full days for all grades on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Can’t wait to have double the time with your amazing children!

We are thrilled to have a NEW Curriculum Advisor who will be working to ensure that the curriculum being taught is exciting, relevant and of the highest quality. Becca Price is a dynamic curriculum designer who has been involved in education for 20 years. She homeschooled her six children for eight years before becoming a full-time teacher. She has taught middle school science for the last seven years and is passionate about designing enriching and joyful project-based units. Becca has a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and a master’s degree in Instructional Design with a focus on curriculum and digital learning.

We are offering a Musical, ANNIE JR, in the fall and then a play with music in the spring, WONDERLAND. As always, these shows will be full Ziegfeld Theater shows. We encourage some parent volunteering but these are taught by professionals at the Theater and the production value of these shows will be on par with ALL shows at the Ziegfeld Theater.

We are excited to have additional tech available to our students this year! Our teachers will be able to use devices where applicable while keeping the focus on fun group focused learning.

We will continue to offer the classes you loved last year, and we also have NEW offerings in Backstage Design (FX makeup, costume design, and more), Graphic Design, and VEX Robotics Curriculum.

For full descriptions, check out the course catalog HERE

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