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Zig Radio Hour

Seussical -2.jpg

Welcome to the ZIG RADIO HOUR! We have selected talented actors to present these timeless classic radio shows for your listening pleasure. 


Our first installment comes from the radio show called “Suspense”  that graced the airways from 1942-1962.  Originally broadcasted on the CBS Radio Network, it featured Hollywood stars of that era, most notably Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Orson Wells, Marlena Dietrich! Our production features actors from our Zig Youth Program past and present. describes the “Suspense” series this way - 

“Living up to its name, the majority of the program’s episodes were dedicated to the thriller and mystery genre wherein the protagonist was usually thrown into strange and unusual circumstances that seemingly had no resolution. Miraculously, a means of salvation would somehow manifest towards the finale to illustrate the triumph of good over evil.”

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