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Thursday STEAM Class Offerings

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All of our classes are designed to boost your child's confidence and self esteem.

Wednesday classes are also open and more information can be found here.
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*Classes have enrollment minimum of 10 students.

ART - Taught by our super talented, professional artists, students will be using art mediums like sketching, watercolor, acrylic and sculpting to focus on Engineering, Architecture and Landscape design. This class will be taught in three age groups. 

CODING - Computers are an essential part of our economy and many jobs require at least a basic knowledge of computer programming. Come learn how to code (without actually using a computer) by learning the history, science and math behind the computer. Towards the end of the second semester, students will use a computer to input the code they have written during this class. 

ENGINEERING MAKERSPACE - This class will be a hands on project-based "Makerspace" style class. Throughout the course, students will receive unique, age appropriate missions/challenges and learn key problem solving and engineering strategies to help them accomplish their goal. They will also utilize teamwork and learn different roles that are important in the engineering process to brainstorm, create, troubleshoot and revise their projects. Fun examples of projects will be creating a structure that holds a certain weight, racing an object a certain distance and building the tallest tower using only items provided for the day!

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - All lessons will be tailored to the 3 age groups with more work required of the older children than the younger ones. Each week will cover a different aspect of owning and operating a business. An opportunity to sell products and services will be provided during the Spring Home School recitals and at the youth theater performances at The Ziegfeld Theater during the summer and fall of 2022.

I LOVE AMERICA AND THE 50 STATES - This year we will learn about each of the 50 states in the United States of America! We will be able to identify states and their capitols through stories, songs and poems. They will feel a greater love and appreciation for the freedom we enjoy, the foundation of that freedom, our Founding Fathers, the men and women who make it possible still, and each person's role in creating this "land of the free, home of the brave."  




MATH GAMES - The students will experience hands-on practice of math facts and concepts  through interactive math games, songs, and competition.

​PRE-K CLASS - This class combines all the skills needed to succeed in later school years with all the fun of a group play date! Includes storytelling, math, reading, writing, songs, games and so much more! Designed for the younger siblings of students in our older homeschool classes.

STORYTELLING/LIVING SCIENCE - This class combines the amazing art of Storytelling to explore the history and long term impact of key historical figures and their discoveries/inventions that changed the world! This year we will have an emphasis on Pre-Industrial and Post-Industrial age historical figures. Students will also learn through storytelling the autobiographical nature of an individual's story including their character, significant historical events, places, and influences of their time. Students will create a 3 minute story style presentation of an inventor/scientist of their choice. Theater style costuming, scientific focus, and characterization will make this writing project unforgettable! In addition, students will learn history through reading and researching their stories and end the year writing and recording their  own stories and history

U.S. GOVERNMENT ROCKS - This year we will learn about each of the 50 states in the United States of America! They are unique and our Constitution separates their rights from that of the Federal Government. Why? We will discuss why this was  important to our infant nation and why states rights are still protected today. We will learn about each state’s capitals, their differences in government, architecture, culture, and history. We’ll discuss what binds us as Americans even though we live in these different places. We’ll remember all the states through songs and ask students to present a State Bio!

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